The Optimal Nutrition Plan isn’t new, it’s just been forgotten.

There is no doubt that physical health and spiritual health are connected. The optimal nutrition plan is for those who will not be satisfied with mediocrity, for those who are ready to make a lifestyle change, for those who are looking to get well and maintain superior health, free of the chronic diseases that plague Americans.

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Find out what they’re not telling us about cancer.

“Cancer isn’t a disease. It’s an industry.” After losing my beloved sister to this “industry” at the tender age of 39, I wanted to know more. I needed to know more. I had to have answers. As her medical power of attorney, and chief hand holder through the medical treatment process, I lived the “industry” with her, being herded like cattle through the system, until she took her last breath…. And what I’ve learned has changed the way I look at all of it.

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This is me.  🙋🏼 An aspiring writer with a story or seven to tell…

Changing lives inside and out – Nutritionally, Relationally, Spiritually. I am Cassidy Ann, a mompreneur with entirely too much experience under my belt for as young as I feel. 😛

Known for my green smoothie, curly hair, and sassy attitude, I started this blog because I needed an outlet for the Holy Spirit I feel oozing, sometimes unabashedly pouring out of me, (note: that was a warning – some posts may be a little abrasive, hence the salt….). For a little backstory on why I chose salty, read I Was Salty Before Salty was Slang.

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