Do You Really Want Me to Take Life Away? 

Oh my goodness it was like I’d been given the answer to the 64 million dollar question. An epiphany in my mom life. Parenting teaches us so much!
Do you really want me to take life away?

“Do you really want me to take life away?”

the instant those words, so quickly crafted in my head, hit the air, I recognized the humor and the spiritual connotation to the matter at hand and had a complete epiphany.

It started with my daughter, 10 years old, coming down the stairs a few days after Christmas, still recovering from the onslaught of sugar and family visits, rubbing the sleep from her eyes and so innocently exclaimed “I love Life!” Referring to the new Game of Life we had gotten for Christmas and played multiple times in a row since. I gently reminded her that she had chores to do before she could play, and she began to pout and fuss and stew and I knew exactly what was brewing inside of her. A tantrum. Oh the joy.

Before she could get too far into it, I reminded her that she has a choice in her behavior and their are consequences for disobedience. Firmly and deliberately asking “do you really want me to take Life away?  Just do what I told you to do and then I can play Life with you.”

And it hit me. Of course this is not new information, just suddenly over-simplified and extremely clear for my tired and overwhelmed mom life brain… It was as if I could hear God laughing and saying, “you sound like me! Hahahahaha”

I couldn’t help but laugh. And my daughter laughed. She had no idea that I was relating her discipline to our Heavenly Father’s parenting techniques at that moment but she still appreciated the silliness in my statement which was adorable and vital to staving off the fit.

Back to God though… it’s that simple. He just wants us to do what we’re supposed to do so we can play Life with Him!

Our eternal life only requires obedience. Accept Christ. Be Christ-like. Follow God.


Seems so simple now doesn’t it?

Oh my goodness it was like I’d been given the answer to the 64 million dollar question.

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  7. if i was in his situation, I could have done it during a commecial break!I may have haters here but it was really a blasphemy for democracy. It may even be contradicting to this article, but it was really unethicalfor him to deliver it that way. I know I’m intelligent enough, but the way i looked at the situation was completely non-judgemental. It was thirly unprofessional.He may had good intentions, but the delivery of that intention was very wrong.*sigh*

  8. I really dislike when people ask, “WHY?” with such judgement. That you are mature, clever, talented and wonderful is enough of a reason for me to know that you are doing the right thing for you. In a strange way though, my lovely friend, I will “miss” you. Though I am super excited about all the adventures that will be coming your way. It would be “easy” to stay in a little box and be unhappy with not taking risks…of not having done what you know to be right for you. And I agree with K, your Mum would be supremely proud of you. x

  9. That’s a great story, Jim, thanks. I think my parents also inoculated me, more accidentally, in that because they were performers they would discuss the commercials from a professional standpoint–what the actors looked and sounded like, Oh that’s the guy from that other show, Look it’s the woman I worked with a couple years ago. I don’t remember them talking about what was being sold, yet I think I got the message that the commercials themselves were products, stories, and therefore no more true than fairy tales. If only every school in America taught media literacy.

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  17. Totally agree with you! If I start right away on the emails I lose track of time and pretty soon it's noon and I've either emailed or facebooked the morning away. I feel drained and frustrated at my lack of discipline. Love to start my day with a devotion and/or exercise. It makes me so much more energized for the rest of the day.

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