When God is Trying to Bless You…

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.” –Jeremiah 33:3 📖
Sometimes God allows our circumstances to make us uncomfortable enough to embrace changes and seek His path, despite the fear of the unknown. 🔥

When we surrender to His prompting, and allow Him to show us the way, we give Him the space and freedom to BLESS US! 👊🏻💕🙌🏻

Why not pray a simple prayer today asking for God’s mindset? It might not hit you like a lightning bolt, but that prayer and the ones you pray in following days help create a closeness with God that leaves you open to new and exciting possibilities. 🙏🏻

Allow God to move in your life and trust Him to show you. Every time I turn the reigns over to Him, He comes through in a BIG way! 😵😵😵

Consider the possibilities (don’t get lost… they’re endless!). My most recent leap of faith is paying off exponentially as God led me to a certified organic phytonutrient company, 🌱 the Amazon.com of healthy eating… 💃

Now getting 3 servings of certified organic greens everyday is easy and my addiction to healthy food is all a write off!  Seriously.. an answered prayer!

I truly cannot believe how quickly and easily I have improved mine and my children’s health and made money sharing organic  plant based nutrition with others… and it came at just the right time for me – a true gift from God  🙌🏻 … once I got out of the way and let Him move me…

DM me on Instagram Facebook or Twitter and I’ll show you my commission statement. If you have been looking for a way to eat healthier, reduce expenses and add more income, stumbling onto this post may be divine coordination for you. 😉

Trust God and Be Blessed! 😙🤗💕

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